My Father, My Selfie

January 26, 2014

Greetings.  Readers of this blog have perhaps noticed that I have been disinclined to write in recent months.  When I first leapt into this blogosphere back in 2009, and felt like Sandra Bullock spinning terrified in Gravity, a Wolf, D.A. Wolf, came by like some virtual George Clooney (although with better dialogue to be sure) to gently say hello, as if I were a wallflower in a party without walls, and take me by the hand and get me a virtual drink and introduce me around to a few people.

I’d been thinking about D.A. on a recent day and was therefore more delighted than surprised to get an email from her.  Besides saying hello, she invited me to participate in a series she was curating about Fathers and Sons, having recently done one on Mothers and Daughters.  Honored and inspired, and instead of thinking (which I’ve been doing a bit too much of lately, especially around 4am), I just started writing.  D.A. is encouraging, and a great teacher.  She even took time to edit my little essay, for which I deeply appreciate and thank her.

Please visit D.A. at Daily Plate of Crazy to read my thoughts on my dad a year after he died at this link:

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D. A. Wolf January 26, 2014 at 10:30 am

Bruce, Thank you for these good words, and your years of good words here, in this place, where so many of us entered your world and took your lessons to use with our child-selves, and our children.

Having recently passed the anniversary of my mother’s passing, also in December, a woman with whom I had a very complicated relationship, your story reached in and held me, hard.

I wish you peace and healing and happiness, through all these coming “tentative transitions.” I am honored to host your essay at my little virtual home.


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